Welcome to the deviceWISE support information center. This support information center describes how to locate and request answers to your software problem or technical questions.
  • Consult the knowledge database
  • Request deviceWISE technical support
  • Contact us for assistance or to work through connectivity issues.

The following guidelines will assist you in getting your deviceWISE systems operational and also provide the needed support in case you encounter problems.

Any assistance offered will be contingent on the access to your application, logs, and any error messages that are being generated. Without this access, it will be difficult for the support team to help you.

The support team would like you to start working through your issues using the knowledge base associated with this website. It is important that you review the information provided here.

If you are still experiencing problems, the support team is here to help.

  • Hours of operation for support is Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time
  • Logging and tracking of your case can be done through the ILS Technology support web portal
  • If you did not receive an account log on when you activated your service, please send an email to
  • You should have also received the toll free number to call for help, when you set up your service.  To ensure the support team has reference data to assist with each problem, you must open a case before you call the toll free number. Obviously, if you are experiencing catastrophic problems, please do not hesitate to call.

Contracts are available to increase your coverage hours, please contact to review and purchase additional coverage options.

Below are the severity levels and descriptions to help you select the right severity when logging your case.

  • Severity 1 – Critical Business Impact: The software in a supported configuration has complete loss of service for which no workaround exists and the customer’s use of the software cannot reasonably continue until the problem is resolved.
  • Severity 2 – Serious Business Impact: The software is causing degraded loss of customer’s use.  This can be defined as a major product flaw with a workaround, or a minor product flaw without a workaround. The customer’s workflow is seriously impacted but product use has not stopped.
  • Severity 3 – Minor Business Impact: The software has minor loss of customer’s use. This can be defined as a minor product flaw with a workaround or a minor problem with a non-integral part of the software’s workflow that does not impact general use of the product.
  • Severity 4 – Information Request with No Business Impact:The support team encourages you to assess your situation with each severity in mind. There is a separate parameter for urgency that you can assign to indicate your current circumstance.

To create a case open a browser at this location:  Issue Tracking Portal

After you log on, you have the option to open, update or review the progress on your open cases.  There is also a smaller knowledge base to investigate some open issues.

If you need to attach files or information to your case, you must open the case first, and than update the case.